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Video sites are now more appealing than news websites for online marketing in China

The sudden advance in China's short-video industry has all the earmarks of being highly profitable, with video sites attracting more internet ad revenue than news sites in 2019.

Virtual red packets from China: why do tech giants pour billions in them?

Internet firms in China are intent on pumping millions of dollars (or billions of yuan) into virtual red envelopes for the fast approaching Lunar New Year as they try to snatch a greater portion of the increased web traffic over the holiday period

Depositphotos spoke about visual trends in 2020

Photostock Depositphotos in collaboration with a number of international creative agencies has published a forecast for the development of photography, graphics and web design and spoke about the main trends that await us in 2020 in this field 

WeWork sells Conductor to the company’s own executives

Search engine optimization and content advertising firm Conductor was acquired by WeWork in a little under two years ago, and given WeWork’s reputation, that time hasn’t been great for anyone involved.

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