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Wired: Artificial meat sales in the U.S. have increased amid supply problems with conventional producers

Unlike farmers who have nowhere to go because of the crisis, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat can easily stop production or increase it.

Agritech accelerator Grow unveils new program in Singapore

Agriculture-foodtech venture accelerator, Grow, announced that it will be recruiting startups from the broader Asia Pacific region to take part in its newly launched program, with a concentration on food security.

Beyond Meat enters China through Starbucks menu

Beyond Meat, the company that claims to be the world's greatest meat substitute manufacturer, has declared on Monday (Apr 20) that it has entered the Chinese market by partnering with Starbucks.

Amazon's Whole Foods chain has created a heat map to assess the risk of employee unionisation

Company explains this by trying to solve problems at an early stage, but Amazon employees themselves go on strike.

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