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Kargo Technologies takes over Coca-Cola's logistics in Indonesia

Kargo Technologies digitises the fragmented market.

WhatsApp will automatically remove private messages

Self-destruction option will be launched in a year.

TAAL-CORONA TELETHON AND CARAVAN:The Long Road to the Filipino Identity

We are Zero Debris Non Profit Organization which started as a Beach Clean-Up in Sta. Monica Bay and has spanned to the Philippines,Mexico, Nepal and Ghana. Together with our Brother Start-Up, Mandato ng Pilipinas(The Philippine Mandate) are both advocates of the 8 Sustainable Humanity Habitats which promotes HUMANHOOD and Zero Debris Life from all anthropogenic pollution brought about by aggressive development, toxic masculinity and all prejudice that serve as barriers for global growth.

7 Tips How To Get Less Distracted at Work

In the world of push notifications, e-mail, instant messaging and reduced office space, we are increasingly getting interrupted at our workspace

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