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George Ma
February 1 11:20

Facebook has agreed to pay $550 million in the U.S. biometric data collection lawsuit

The company was threatened with a fine of up to US$6 billion
Facebook has agreed to pay $550 million to plaintiffs from the state of Illinois, who accused the company of illegal collection of biometric data. The court has not yet confirmed the settlement of the conflict.
The lawsuit was filed because of the system for analyzing photos on Facebook: it allows you to mark people on images to recognize them in other photos. The plaintiffs considered the use of the system illegal for collecting biometric information, also because the social network did not request additional permission for its use from the user.
The Illinois law on personal data processing is considered one of the strictest in the U.S., and more than a million residents of the state are subject to class action, says Bloomberg. If Facebook is defeated, it could pay a fine of up to US$6 billion.
Facebook said the agreement with the plaintiffs would be the best solution "in the interests of the community and shareholders" to end the dispute.