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George Ma
January 31 10:55

Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons has stopped selling artificial meat Beyond Meat due to low demand

This is a rare setback for Beyond Meat. Company has successfully collaborated with Carl's Jr, Hardee's, Dunkin's Donuts and KFC in the U.S., Bloomberg says
One of Canada's largest fast-food restaurant chains, Tim Hortons, has abandoned plant-based artificial meat from Beyond Meat due to low demand, Bloomberg reports.
The chain was offering Beyond Burger and Beyond Meat artificial sausages fro breakfast. In June 2019, Tim Hortons began selling plant-based meat in nearly all 4,000 restaurants in Canada, but in September, Beyond Meat products remained in only two provinces, the publication writes.
"The product was not embraced by our guests as we thought it would be," fast food chain spokesman said.
Amid the news of Tim Hortons rejecting Beyond Meat products, the shares of the producer of artificial meat at the beginning of trading on January 29, 2020 fell by 3.9% to US$115.40, writes Bloomberg.