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George Ma
January 31 14:58

Avast announces plans to dissolve Jumpshot amid allegations of selling user activity data

User trust is a priority for the company, Avast says.
Avast plans to stop providing data to its subsidiary Jumpshot and begin liquidation, according to the company's blog.
Jumpshot will continue to work and pay contractors until the work is done. The company promised to notify its customers of data service termination in a timely manner.
In late January 2020, Motherboard published the results of a joint investigation with PCMag. The publication claimed that Avast, through its subsidiary Jumpshot, was selling user data to large corporations for "millions of dollars". Although the information did not include personal data, it was possible to identify some of the users, said Motherboard.
In December 2019, Forbes reported that Avast was collecting data on user Internet activity from 2013 and was selling it to third parties. The company itself stressed that it was not selling sensitive data.