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George Ma
January 30 11:11

Beyond Meat and KFC will extend the testing for plant-based "chicken" nuggets and make them look like fillets.

Previously, the nuggets were made of artificial "chicken" minced meat, but now will have a "muscular-like structure".
Artificial meat producer Beyond Meat and KFC will start selling plant-based "chicken" nuggets, but now the product will look like real fillets, writes Bloomberg citing the company.
In August 2019, the companies already tested "chicken" nuggets in Atlanta. Fake meat nuggets were then sold out in five hours. They were shredded and moulded in the shape of a piece of meat. Now nuggets will look like a cut piece of fillet, they will have a "muscular-like structure," explained in Beyond Meat.
The new recipe will be tested in 70 KFC facilities in North Carolina and Tennessee from February 3 to 23, 2020.