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Ilya St
October 11 08:46

China plans to release new cryptocurrency

The People’s Bank of China wants to hire 6 additional cryptocurrency professionals to make it possible.
The Chinese Digital Currency Research Institute, a subdivision of The People’s Bank of China, has 6 new job openings for the imminent release of its new cryptocurrency.  The PBoC has other job openings among its other units as well, according to a recruitment notice that was released on Thursday.
Some of the job responsibilities that were listed in the notice included the payment and clearing-related fields, technical research and development of digital currency terminals and software systems, and fintech analysis. The PBoC’s Institute added that it was looking to hire professions that have experience in big data platform development, cryptocurrency research, payment and settlement systems, blockchain technology development and application, systematic framework design, and other related fields such as micro-electronics, cryptography, computing, and econometrics. 
Despite the announcement of new employment opportunities, this isn’t the first time the Bank has announced that it was developing a new digital currency. The currency, backed by the central bank, has already been in the works since 2014, with the PBoC recently releasing a statement the it would be “ready” to launch at the end of 2019 or early 2020.