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John Wang
January 20 20:48

Elon Musk will take a million people to Mars by 2050

Elon Musk has shared his plans for the colonization of Mars on Twitter. The tech celebrity is planning to get one million people to the “Red planet” by 2050.
The ambitious project will be led by SpaceX. The company will build 1000 spacecrafts with reusable parts with a simple name “starship”. They will be able to carry up to 100 tons per trip. The technology will allow to transport one hundred people, as well as necessary materials and tools. The first prototype might be launched in March 2020.
Musk has also specified, that the company will launch the ships for 30 days every 25 months, when the orbits of Earth and Mars coincide. This schedule will allow to save fuel for ships and launch three ships per day.