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John Wang
January 20 18:01

Clearview, a face recognition app, sold to US police

The American startup Clearview AI has developed the facial recognition app, that uses images aggregated from Facebook, YouTube and other major social media platforms. Among others, access to the app has been acquired by US and Canadian law enforcement.
According to the company’s statement, there are currently over 600 government institutions using the system. Clearview AI claims, that the algorithm is capable to identify a person precisely in 75% of all cases. No independent tests were carried out, so whether this is true is unknown. However, policemen reported that the system is efficient.
Several commentators, including the New York Times, have noted, that the app’s data collection is violating social media’s policies. Clearview AI has responded by stating, that it is only using open source images, and that users can change their privacy settings and be exempt from the algorithm. Facebook is currently investigating the issue.