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George Ma
January 19 08:49

Toshiba is concerned regarding 20B worth of transactions dubbed doubtful

As a result, the tech giant decided to launch an investigation to check doubtful money transfers
On January 17th, Toshiba stated it "could not confirm existence" of around 20B yen (US$181.59 mln) worth of transactions in its unit. 
Strange situation with funds was found in the unit of Toshiba IT wing, the company under full ownership of a tech giant. This was a result of a November probe by Toshiba, citing company's statement.
Tech firm has been struggling to gain trust after the scandal in 2015, when similar irregularities were found to be happening for many years.Toshiba stated it will not include 20B yen sales in digital solution sector net sales report
Investigation is on-going at the moment.