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George Ma
January 19 10:51

WSJ: Amazon will create a POS terminal where you can pay with a hand palm

Collected data will help the company to improve algorithms and predict the behavior of its own clients  
Amazon is developing a cash terminal that will allow you to pay for purchases with a hand palm, writes WSJ. The technology is at an early stage of development and will allow to link bank cards to biometric data of customers in the future.
According to some sources, the company hopes that the devices will be used by businesses that have a constant flow of customers. It is expected that cafes and fast food restaurants will be among early adopters.
The data from Amazon terminals will most likely be stored on its cloud service. This way, the company can compare user transaction information with their purchases on the Amazon website and have more revenue from advertisers, better predicti customer behavior, WSJ sources say.
Amazon has collaborated with Visa to make this project happen, which will allow transactions' check through terminals. According to the sources, the company is also in talks with MasterCard.
In addition, Amazon is creating its digital wallet Amazon Pay. It will allow users to pay for purchases at various online stores and not just Amazon.