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George Ma
January 18 15:40

YouTube placed Samsung, Uber and other brands' ads in apparently misinformative content

The authors of these videos deny climate change and question scientific theories, the researchers say.  
YouTube has placed advertisements of major brands in misleading global warming videos, The Verge reports citing the non-profit organization Avaaz.
Activists claim that the service has placed over 108 brand ads despite videos being labelled as misinformative. Brand list includes Samsung, Uber, Nintendo, Showtime, Harley Davidson, Warner Bros, as well as environmental organizations Greenpeace and WWF.
These are videos on climate change, global warming and conspiracy theories about manipulating the climate. Videos have been watched more than 21 million times. These videos deny climate change: some of the videos question scientific theories about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the temperature rise at the Earth's surface.
10 brands, including Samsung and environmental organizations, were unaware of their advertising in such videos, Avaaz said. According to the activists, the platform also promotes misinforming videos in  recommended section.
In response to these accusations, YouTube called the methodology of the study questionable and explained that the platform on climate change gives priority to authoritative clips.
Avaaz asks advertisers to pressure the video service to stop advertising this kind of content and place ads in it.