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Ilya St
January 17 09:25

Samsung pet house: tech giant introduces eco-friendly boxes that can be transformed into furniture or pet mansion

Samsung has created a new environmentally friendly TV packaging that can be used to make home furnishings and accessories
World famous electronics manufacturer Samsung has developed new packaging for its TVs. The new packaging is environmentally friendly and is called Eco-Package. Buying the device, users can simply and independently assemble a variety of furniture or accessories for home from its box. The Serif TVs will be the first to go on sale in the new boxes.
It will be possible to create a nightstand from the box or a cat house with the help of a special instruction, which can be downloaded by clicking the QR code on the side of the box. The assembly process is extremely simple and takes only 30-40 minutes, the company said. To do this, you need to connect the points printed on the cardboard with a pencil, cut out all the resulting parts and put them together, creating a finished item.