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John Wang
January 16 15:11

YouTube steals three streamers from Twitch

Youtube has signed exclusive contracts with three major gaming streamers. Elliot Watkins aka “Musselk”, Rachel Hofsetter aka “Valkyrae” and Lannan Eacott aka “LazarBeam” will now provide their content only for Google’s platform
Their specialization aside, there is one more thing that all three have in common - they were big Twitch stars. By signing the streamers on, YouTube is essentially boosting its content and hamstringing the competitor. Streamers already have a noticeable presence on YouTube with over 20 million subscribers between the three. Presumably, the platform will promote their content to further increase the number of their viewers.
The practice of “stealing” content creators for streaming platforms is not completely new. In October 2019 Microsoft has convinced Twitch’s biggest gaming celebrity Tyler Blevins aka “Ninja” to migrate to their own platform - Mixer. And this is not all - aside from YouTube, Twitch and Mixer, there is also Facebook Gaming service. All the competitors covet strong streamers, that get millions of views daily.