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John Wang
January 15 14:22

AI startups raised over US$18 billion

The deals get bigger, but the unicorns get rarer 

US startups specializing on AI development have secured over US$18.5 billion in funding in 2019. There were over 10 thousand deals is US last year - their cumulative worth is US$136.5 million.
US National Venture Capital Association named these and other numbers in their report. 1356 American AI startups secured their funding last year. In 2018 there were 1281 AI startups, that secured over US$16.8 billion. The cumulative off all funding deals in the US in 2018 amounted to US$140 billion.
Previously Crunchbase also reported the decline in the development of “unicorn” startups. 2019 gave us 142 startups with a US$1 billion valuation. This is 16 less, than in 2018. Most of the unicorns - 78, to be precise - are US-based.