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Felicia Tan
January 14 17:37

WeChat will enhance short-form content amid Bytedance’s Douyin increasing domination

One of the most popular Chinese applications for communication - WeChat will soon provide an opportunity to create short content to stay in the forefront of the trend of posting short videos in their social network accounts. What this content will be and when it will be presented to users is unknown, however, it is specified that the new version of WeChat will be released soon
"Short-form content has always been a developing trend for WeChat," Allen Zhang, the founder of the app, said in a video speech shown at Tencent Holdings' annual WeChat conference on Thursday. "After all, self-expression is a natural need for human beings."
Quest Mobile recently published its report, in which it wrote that applications from Tencent are losing their popularity. Users spend only 42% of their time online with Tencent apps. This figure is 4.2 percent lower than in 2018.
Tencent has launched at least ten apps that allow users to create short videos in pursuit of leadership in a world where shooting such videos is rapidly gaining popularity. One such application is Weishi. It is expected that by 2020 it will gain 50 million active users, we recall that last July their number was only 7.5 million.
New applications for social networks will help to retain existing users and attract new ones. They combine the capabilities of video and online communities and perform e-commerce functions. It is these innovations that should compete with Bytedance and Kuaishou, but they will also slow down the growth of the company's main flagship, WeChat.