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John Wang
January 14 11:05

India is investigating Amazon and Flipkart

Indian government has launched a full-scale investigation into Amazon’s and Flipkart's regional operations. A certain retailer has accused the American e-commerce companies of anti-competitive behavior
The Competition Commission of India has named a variety of reasons for the investigation. They include an alleged deal between the marketplaces and phone producers to limit the sales of some headsets to digital vendors, as well as favoritism - e-commerce giants are accused of preferring one group of vendors over all others. The investigators will also look into Amazon’s and Walmart’s discount systems, which were allegedly introduced to promote their own brands.
The investigators have not yet offered any extensive commentaries, but have mentioned, that the issue certainly merits detailed examination. Walmart's representatives have stated, that the company always promotes all medium and small businesses equally. Amazon has declared, that the company “welcomes” the chance to prove its innocence.