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John Wang
January 12 16:14

Uber announces drastic changes in California

Uber is changing its Terms of Service for users in California. The decision has been made after the latest update of state’s legislation, mainly about the rights of the gig workers.
The company has sent the notifications about the new rules to over 150 thousand of drivers and unspecified “millions” of users. Since the company can no longer show the final price of the trip, it will instead display the range of possible prices. The final check will be determined by the length and the duration of the ride. Users can also select their favorite drivers - new status will give them higher priority for the next ride.
Uber will have to give up the option of freely canceling the ride at any moment. The drivers will also see a more detailed information about the order before they accept it. If they are not happy with it, they can now cancel it without incurring any fines.
The changes are, essentially, Uber’s way of avoiding the need to acknowledge the drivers as their full time employees. The update will most likely be costly. Yet the company insists, that its core business is the app, not the cars. Hence, drivers are not employees.