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John Wang
January 9 16:08

Sonos is fighting for its patent against BigTech

Google goes to court, Amazon is next. 
Smart speakers producer Sonos has announced, that the company has filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against Google. According to the statement, the company has arrived to this decision after lengthy negotiations.
Sonos accuses Google of stealing and using their tech, including that which is responsible for smart speaker’s synchronizations and communications. The producer had stated five specific infringements. Yet the company has also stated, that over 100 parts of their original IP has been stolen.
Google is not the only alleged culprit - Sonos has hinted, that Amazon has infringed on their patents as well. The company might address this issue later, as it can take on only one behemoth from BigTech at a time.

The companies have been meeting and discussing their IPs for a few years. Google has stated, that they are “disappointed” by the actions of Sonos. Amazon has not yet commented on the issue.