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John Wang
January 9 19:11

India enters the time of Wi-Fi calls

Reliance Jio - India’s second telecom operator by scale - is addressing one of the biggest issues about connectivity in the country. The company has announced, that it has launched voice and video calls over Wi-Fi support
Currently the network is 4G-only. The feature is being rolled out and is expected to reach all 360 million Indian clients of Jio in a few days. A week ago the same functionality became available on the third largest network in the country - Airtel. They have managed to provide the service to their 260 million clients. However, Jio has a wider range of supported phone models, so their update is likely to be more impactful. 
Wi-Fi calls became popular in India a few years ago, when the feature was introduced by WhatsApp. Soon other telecom carriers in other countries - such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile in US - began to offer the same services. Previously Indian consumers could use only the LTE-based calls.