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John Wang
January 8 14:38

TikTok is now a big educator in China

TikTok scores another victory, now at its home – in China. According to the latest ByteDance’s report, the Chinese version of the app called Douyin, now has over 400 million daily active users
A year ago the app had 250 million DAUs. Now ByteDance claim, that Douyin is now a dominant force in educational and art platform in the country. In regards of content, that seems like the truth – almost 15 million videos that are “knowledge-based” were uploaded on the app last year. And the company is in full support of teaching its users, since the videos account for a large portion of its profits. ByteDance even launched an educational platform in India, which now has over 200 million users.
What must be especially pleasing for the company, is that their product is now growing faster, than such behemoths as Weibo and WeChat. However, there are new potential competitors, like Kuaishou, that has the backing from Tencent.