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John Wang
January 7 14:45

Former Cambridge Analytica top employee is leaking secret documents again

New details about the operations of Cambridge Analytica have leaked to the media. Most of them come from the Twitter account, which belongs to the company’s former business development director Brittany Kaiser.
Kaiser has started her massive whistleblowing publications last week. She has uploaded company’s documents, including strategic plans, research data, contracts etc. These reveal the previously unknown scope of CA’s influence on politics all over the world. 
Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCl Elections have harvested user data to target the public with ads on political issues. These operations were and are carried out with the help of CA’s partners in Brazil, Australia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Argentina, India, Jordan, the Philippines and other countries. One of the largest projects, that was revealed in the leak, is the campaign of former US national security advisor John Bolton.
The foundation for most of the targeting campaigns is psychographic profiling, which allows the company to create the fitting ads and messages and address them to the most receptive public. The data for this process comes mostly from leaked Facebook profiles.