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John Wang
January 7 15:48

Amazon is making incursions into car industry

Amazon has made a few announcements before the start of CES. Most of them concern are about the company's projects oriented on the car market
First of all, Amazon is entering a partnership with Rivian and Lamborghini. Automakers are preparing to integrate Alexa into their new models. Echo Auto will also be expanding globally, outside of the America - India will get the new system first, on January 15. Other countries will soon follow. The system will handle mundane car-related tasks, like automatically paying for gas in any Exxon gas station. 
Alexa is not the only one of Amazon’s products, that is being adapted for vehicles. Fire TV will also be integrated with automobile’s infotainment systems. The BMW and Fiat Chrysler will be the first to get access to the program. General Motors have revealed, that their cars will soon follow suit.
Amazon is proactively seeking new partners, to get a firm footing in the industry. The company is also encouraging automotive carriers to use their Web Services.