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Ilya St
October 9 09:36

Vientam’s edtech startup MindX raises over $500k

The edtech startup MindX, based in Vietnam, has finished its round of financing, reaching a target of $500,000 US dollars with the primary investor being ESP Capital among others. 
Co-founder and CEO Nguyen Thi Thu Ha says that the funding will be aimed towards improving its current curriculum in 3D and VR/AR design, as well as opening new academic locations in Ho Minh City. “MindX is working with leading schools in top countries […] worldwide, such as the US, Singapore, and South Korea, in order to select the most suitable method that fits Vietnamese students’ culture and learning style,” she added.
Founded in 2015, the startup’s goal is to teach skills like programming, robotics, 3D drawing and design and other subjects in a comprehensive way, by utilizing schools and co-working spaces. It currently teaches over eight thousand students across its five centers in Hanoi and Ho Minh City. The schools have a specific focus on students that attend primary and secondary schools, but also have working adults as part of its student body.
Science and Programming are currently among MindX’s mandatory subjects in its elementary schools. According to the startup, students as young as six years old can be taught to successfully program educational and entertainment apps.
Education is one of Vietnam’s main priorities, with spending accounting for the highest percentage (4.7%) of the gross domestic product in Southeast Asia in 2018.
MindX’s ecosystem includes over 200 foreign and domestic startups, including companies and venture funds like Nextrans Capital, Ninja Van, Wefit, and others.