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Ilya St
January 5 15:08

Bytedance deepfake tech will be user-friendly

Bytedance, the owner of TikTok, is developing a new feature that will allow users to create their own deepfakes  
The process of creating a deepfake will be extremely simple - user will be offered to scan his face from different sides, after which it can be superimposed on other videos.

The code of this functionality was found in two Bytedance applications - TikTok and Douyin. Furthermore, references to deepfake were found in the user agreements, including the American version of TikTok.
Representatives of TikTok initially refused to comment but then suggested that it may be Douyin, because such a function apparently  was not added to TikTok algorithm. They also promised to remove code fragments from the service to avoid misunderstandings. But the question of why TikTok reps mentioned "deepfakes" in its user agreement remains unanswered.
Earlier it became known that ByteDance was considering selling TikTok because of US authorities' pressure. The total app value is estimated at around US$10 billion.