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John Wang
January 4 08:17

Carlos Ghosn Japan escape: Turkey detained connected personas

Seven people have been detained in Turkey in connection with Carlos Ghosn’s escape from japan to Lebanon. They are currently being questioned
The detained persons include four pilots. Whether they actually had anything to with the notorious businessman’s escape is unknown. Yet the authorities have stated, that Ghosn arrived in Turkey unlawfully and his presence was not registered by official channels. Presumably the fugitive later boarded the plane to Beirut.
Japanese authorities are carrying out their own investigation and have already checked Ghosn’s flat. Meanwhile Lebanon has already received a request from Interpol to arrest Ghosn. The request has not yet been acted upon.
Carlos Ghosn has fled Japan while under house arrest. He stated, that he left the country because of a biased court. Ex-Nissan’s chairman has been charged with financial misconduct and the embezzlement of the corporate funds.