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John Wang
January 3 17:30

Trifo announces new vacuum robot and gets US$15 mln

Samsung Ventures-backed startup Trifo has successfully closed its Series B financing round. Tsinghua AI Fund, Yidu Cloud and other investors brought US$15 million to the company and has put it at the US$26 million valuation
At the same time the company has announced its new product for its line of robotic vacuums. The newest model called Lucy – third one for the company – will be unveiled at the upcoming CES. The device sets itself apart from the alternatives with its two cameras, capable of recording and transmitting 1080p video. It can also orient itself well with depth sensors and software that avoids obstacles. Aside from vacuuming, it can also patrol the house, following a set path.
Trifo was previously known as PerceptIn. In 2017 it secured US$8 million in funding in its Series A, as well as US$2 million in its seed round.