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John Wang
December 31 18:36

Nissan's former chairman flees Japan

Ex-Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn has fled Japan. He has crossed the border despite the court order
Ghosn is currently in Lebanon. He claimed, that he is not avoiding justice, but is fleeing from “persecution and injustice”. He did not yet reveal how exactly his unofficial voyage has been organized. His advocate – Junichiro Hironaka – claims that he was not expecting such actions from his client.
The ex-chairman of Renault and Nissan has been accused of embezzling funds and financial misconduct back in 2018. Ghosn is believed to have embezzled millions of corporate Nissan funds. Whether he actually did it or not, Ghosn’s leadership resulted in harsh times for the company, which now has to look for allies among other carmakers. He also became a sort of a celebrity in Japan and even appeared as a character in popular media.
Ghosn paid a bail of US$9.2 million to be released in Japan. The court claimed, that he was monitored closely by law enforcement. Now some Lebanese politicians have spoken in favor of the fugitive entrepreneur.