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Ilya St
October 8 03:33

$20 million raised for the development of iPaaS company Celigo

A US based, integration platform-as-a-service company, closed its fundraiser today at a target of $20 million. The company Celigo, founded in 2011, has now raised a total of $32 million, following a Series A fundraiser. 
Some of the investors in the Series B round included companies like NewSpring Capital, TVC Capital, and Blossom Street Ventures. “We believe Celigo is well positioned to capture greater iPaaS market share, due to its unique simplicity and flexibility,” said NewSpring Partner Brian Kim.
“We are thrilled with Celigo’s progress to date and believe that this next round of funding will fuel our next level of growth,” added TVC Capital Managing Partner Steve Hamerslag. The funds will be invested into research and development of the company’s automation tech. Although Celigo isn’t as big as some of its top competitors like MuleSoft and Jitterbit, the company’s products are by no means inferior. The company produces software that helps simplify integration and manage the connections between third-party platforms, with the help of a setup wizard and other tools.
Celigo also offers integration apps, as well as standalone iPaaS apps that connect several enterprise applications, which come in a plug-and-play style format, built upon common uses cases. All of Celigo’s software is updated frequently with security and bug fixes. “Celigo has reimagined what integration should be. With today’s proliferation of business applications, the older generation of iPaaS solutions has hit its limits,” founder and CEO Jan Arendtsz said in a press conference, adding, “Celigo’s mission is to simplify the building and management of all integrations, without any compromise in capabilities, so that both IT and business users can work side by side to automate business processes.”
By connecting apps from Salesforce and Netsuite, Celigo’s CloudExtend draws in clients from companies like Rubbermaid, Evernote, Sony, and Peloton, who use apps from these two brands. With concentrated focus on integration between Gmail, Outlook and Excel, CloudExtend allows its users retrieve, add, delete, and update data from multiple record types. According to Celigo, its Salesforce-Netsuite integration app is used by over 1,000 companies such as Lootcrate, Carbonite, Docker, Crossfit, J.D Powers and many, many more.