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John Wang
December 30 18:21

2019 brought us 142 unicorns

Crunchbase reports, that 142 startups reached a US$1 billion valuation in 2019. That is a little less, than the record-breaking 2018, which brought us 158 “unicorns”
Most of these companies - 78, to be precise - are based in the US. 22 operate from China. Brazil and Germany are both homes for 5 unicorns. UK, Israel and India each gave the world four unicorns.
The most expensive startup of the year is Uber Advanced Technologies Group, that develops driverless cars and has secured US$7.3 billion in funding. Medication marketplace JD Health got US$7 billion, data analytics platform Databricks got US$6.2 billion, the cloud tech CloudKitchens got US$5 billion and e-cars manufacturer Rivian got US$5 billion. Overall unicorns secured US$85.1 billion in funding in 2019.