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Felicia Tan
December 30 09:32

Snapchat will launch Bitmoji TV's personalized animated shows with users' avatars in main roles

In February 2020, Snapchat will launch a series of animated shows - Bitmoji TV 
The main characters of the show will be the users themselves, or rather their personalized avatars called Bitmoji. Together with their friends, social network users will be able to participate with the help of their avatars in adventures with a variety of subjects, from battles with zombies and secret agent missions to controlling the spaceship Star Treky. Access to the series will be in the Discovery section.

Bitmoji TV is a unique project that can be a big advantage for Snapchat after the copying of its functions by Facebook and Instagram.
Preparations for the introduction of the new feature have been underway since 2016. Then the social network bought for US $64.2 million BitStrips application, which allows users to create their own avatars and comics with their participation. In 2017, Bitmoji stickers appeared, and they also became three-dimensional. The year 2018 was remembered for launching two special platforms for developers, with the help of which they implemented Bitmoji in a social network in different formats.
To April this year, the Bitmoji app was downloaded about 330 million times. By that time, Snapchat had already introduced the ability to create their own avatars as part of their application and has expanded a number of their capabilities. At the same time, Bitmoji Stories was launched, with the help of which you can create small animated comics. The application was complemented by chat and monetization.
The social network offers souvenir products with Bitmoji prints: cups, T-shirts and even clothes under the same brand (since November 2019).
The novelty of Bitmoji in the market gives Snapchat the opportunity to attract and retain an increasing number of audiences, as well as monetizing. With the introduction of new features associated with personal avatars, the social network shares have tripled. At the beginning of 2019 the value of one share was US $5.79 and by the end of the year it increased to US $16.09.
TechCrunch, notes that the new feature will bring success to the company only in case of high-quality scenario development. If the shows are interesting and fun, "worthy of memes", they will become popular