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Felicia Tan
December 29 14:44

Apple sued for Apple watch function

One of professors at the University Medical School in New York, Dr. Plaintiff Joseph Wiesel, filed a lawsuit on Apple Watch. 
The scientist accuses the "smart watch" of using his patent on the atrial fibrillation detection method.
His method is based on using a photoplethysmogram to measure heart rate. The same technology is used by Apple watches, as the green LEDs in the watch blink, ultra-sensitive photodiodes measure a person's heart rate by measuring the amount of light absorbed. 
Joseph says he has previously contacted the company and informed them of his patent. However, since 2017, Apple has refused to negotiate, so he decided to go to court. He demands a ban on the company from using his patent without permission and monetary compensation. 
Apple has not commented on the situation.