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Felicia Tan
December 29 11:41

Amazon sued and accused of vulnerability of Ring's smart video calls to cyber attacks

The manufacturer of smart doorbells Ring was acquired by Amazon in 2018 for US$1 billion
Reuters reports that John Baker Orange from Alabama, USA, blames the company for the easy availability of Ring video calls for cyber attacks. The lawsuit was filed collectively and reports that an unknown hacker used the Ring camera and its speakers to talk to three Orange children and ask them to approach the camera. In this situation, Orange is claiming damages, the specific amount of which was not specified, and asks for increasing the level of users' security. 

Together with the lawyers in his lawsuit, he points out that Ring states in its privacy policy that the security of its users is taken extremely seriously. It is noted that John did not enable two-factor authentication until the incident occurred. The lawsuit states that the company did not deliver on its promise because it "did not offer or demand two-factor authentication.
Incidents like this have never happened before. In December 2019, the media reported several incidents in different states: in Mississippi, through the same system, a hacker watched and talked to an eight-year-old girl through a camera in her bedroom; in Florida, a hacker through a camera insulted a couple because of their race; and in Texas, a hacker threatened users and demanded 50 Bitcoins. 
It has been reported that there are two databases that contain accounts that are very similar to the accounts of the Ring owners. This was reported by BuzzFeed and TechCrunch on December 19. The databases found included email addresses, passwords and menus for specific cameras, which allowed hackers to access cameras, personal data and view camera footage.
The Ring itself responded that no evidence of theft or hacking was found as a result of a possible data leak investigation. To protect users, it is recommended to use two factor authentication and change existing passwords.
The Ring rules contain a clause stating that no class action is allowed, so the case can be dismissed. However, the company itself did not give any comments.