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John Wang
December 27 19:29

YouTube creators can now edit videos on the go

YouTube released a new tool for creators. It allows the authors to quickly edit the uploaded videos online
The update is supposed to facilitate the relations between creators and big companies. Previously any copyright claim from the company meant that the creator had to either take down the video, edit the contested part out and reupload it, or lose the ad revenue or the whole piece of content altogether. Now creators can simply take out the claimed part of content and keep the views, comments, likes, revenue etc.
The tool is available in the “Restrictions” tab. The creator can check every claim and edit out the contested part with “Trim” tool. If the issue is about music in the video, creator can just turn the audio in the contested episode off.
While new tool facilitates some hardships of content creators, it does not resolve other problems. Many users are especially displeased with Content ID algorithm, that blocks and demonetizes videos seemingly at random. YouTube has not announced any changes are coming to this part of the platform.