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John Wang
December 27 17:04

Wikimedia asks India to change legislation

Wikimedia Foundation - the organization that runs Wikipedia and associated projects - has asked the government of India to reconsider the new intermediary liability regulation. The legislation is likely to be approved in the coming months.
New rules are supposed to set up a new framework for operations of intermediaries - media and tech services that have over 5 million unique active users. According to the proposed legislation, every such company must open a local office with a specific leading officer, which might be liable for any legal issues. Services must also closely monitor the information that they distribute and remove any content that authorities deem unlawful and dangerous.
Wikimedia urged the government to take into account the needs of common users and the way they get information for free. The creation of local offices and complex corporate structures will cause severe expenses for non-profit organizations. The expansive content-monitoring systems will impede free speech and the flow of accessible information. Some services might have no choice but to leave India.
Wikiemedia is not the only concerned party, Local representatives of Facebook and Google have also signed the open letter to the authorities, criticizing the project. They also noted, that the definition of an intermediary needs further specification.