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Felicia Tan
December 27 13:59

Real KungFu sued by Bruc Lee's daugther

Shannon Lee filed a lawsut against Chinese food chain Real KungFu, claiming US$30 million for the father's image in the logo
Bloomberg reports that Shannon Lee, daughter of famous movie actor Bruce Lee, has sued a popular Chinese fast food chain Real KungFu for using her father's image without permission. It is specified that the suit was filed by Bruce Lee Enterprises, which is managed by the actor.   
The company demands that restaurateurs stop using Bruce's image, which is the main part of the Real KungFu's logo and requests US $30 million in compensation. 
The defendant is the chain manager of Real Kungfu Catering Management and two related companies. To date, the company's network has over 600 locations throughout China. The current logo has been in use since 2004, however, it has never been claimed that it shows Bruce Lee. The company said it was very surprised by the lawsuit but is ready to respond in court and defend its logo.