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John Wang
December 27 10:06

Caper AI-powered shopping carts to eliminate shop queues

There is a new way to avoid the wait in lines in stores is no its way and we just have to wait a little more
The most promising way of making grocery shopping quicker is, obviously, cashierless locations. Artificial intelligence and complex surveillance handle the payments automatically, thus saving the customers a lot of time. Amazon is doing exactly that in its Amazon Go locations. 
But this is not the only road to the elimination of lines. American startups, such as Veeve and Caper, are shifting the attention from cameras to shopping carts. Their products recognize the goods, that are put into them and build up a check. Near the shop’s exit the cart closes the check and charges the customer. If the payment does not go through, the cart stops and the human staff is called. 
Developers claim, that putting smart systems into the carts is much easier and cheaper, than decking out the whole shop. Amazon’s model calls for a massive surveillance system, which is especially problematic in large stores. Smart carts can also be taught new tricks, like offering coupons and discounts to the customers.
Both Veeve and Caper are currently testing their products in selected locations in Canada and US.