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John Wang
December 26 20:21

Pokemon: Tower Battle and Medallion Battle on Facebook Gaming are fresh editions

Even more trainers incoming
This Christmas was very productive for Pokemon games. Facebook Gaming has simultaneously launched two new products on the subject.
Pokemon Tower battle is a simplistic PvP game. Two players drop Pokemon on the platform and compete in building the highest tower out of them with losing any units. Pokemon Medallion Battle is a bit more in-depth card-collecting strategy game with deck building. “Trainers” - that is to say players - look for, train and improve their Pokemon.
The first one is available all over the world on the Facebook’s “Gaming” tab. The second can only be played in the Asia-Pacific region at the moment and it is yet unclear whether it will be expanded.
The chief executive officer of the Pokemon company Tsuunekazu Ishihara has stated that they are “excited” as well as “thrilled” about the releases/