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John Wang
December 26 15:38

New 128GB SIM cards hit the shelves

Even more memory for your phone
China Telecom has launched the sales of their Super SIM cards. The product hit the shelves in Guangzhou.
The cards have impressive specs. They are 5G-compatibl and have the integrated memory of up to 128 gigabytes. The SIM can competently take up the slack for memory cards and save images, videos and other types of files.
The memory capacity of most of the modern SIM cards is limited to about 512 kilobytes. That can support contact info and SMS, sometimes not even this much. China Telecom has managed to boost the memory capacity by adopting a new card format.
At the moment cards are only compatible with a limited number of devices. They are also quite costly - 32Gb sell for 150 RMB, and 128Gb sell for 550 RMB. However the producer is already working on making the cards more accessible.