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Felicia Tan
December 25 12:32

Researcher compared 17 million phones with Twitter accounts due to Android app vulnerability

TechCrunch reports that as a result of the work carried out by security specialist Ibrahim Balic, a vulnerability was found in Twitter application created for Android. Having discovered this fact, he was able to take 17 million phone numbers and compare them with users' accounts.  
"If you upload your phone number, you can see the user's details," Balic told the publication. The expert has uploaded more than two billion generated phone numbers to the application. Within two months, he received users' data from several countries: Israel, Turkey, Iran, Greece, Armenia, France and Germany. 
Balic did not inform Twitter about the insecurity of the users' data. Instead, he sent a warning about the situation to some numbers via WhatsApp.
On December 20, Twitter prevented a specialist from conducting such manipulations. That day, the company reported that the vulnerability of the application had been addressed. Now attackers won't be able to receive confidential information about Twitter users and send messages on their behalf. 
A similar situation occurred in May this year, when Twitter reported that it randomly collected data and the location of users using the iOS application and passed it on to third parties. In August, the social network notified that users' data might be partially transferred to advertising partners without their consent.