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Dandar Woo
December 23 17:40

TikTok launches educational video section

TikTok video service launched the new educational video section, a social network spokesman reported
The content for this section is created by the users. Educational videos are divided into four categories: “Language Courses”, “Science Courses”, “Art Courses” and “Interior Courses”.
You can find those videos in the “Interesting” tab by searching the appropriate hashtag. You can also add a video to the section via hashtag.
“We see a great demand on the part of TikTok users for educational content: training videos, various tutorials and courses from professionals are gaining popularity on the site. The new initiative is designed to accumulate educational content on the site within the framework of interesting categories for our audience. We encourage all users to share useful knowledge on TikTok in a short video format”, a TikTok spokesman said.