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Felicia Tan
December 20 12:13

MeWe social network launches expanded premium features and new business product range

The platfrom's main advantage over competitors is a commtment to privacy
The MeWe social network was founded by a well-known serial entrepreneur Mark Weinstein. He considers himself to be one of the earliest developers of social networking. His company already has several million users and aims to become a full alternative to Facebook.

Mark talks about the challenges his social network faces and how they are being overcome by the ongoing struggle with Facebook: "We were engineering when Ello had their shot at the moon and then crashed back to earth. They may have 21 million people, but their servers couldn't handle it, they were desktop only and the project was too soon."
The company's work is based on the freemium model, which consists in providing the service functions without any Also, business can purchase additional functions for only US$1.99 per month if they wish. The founder of the social network explains this by the fact that "social media wasn't invented for surveillance capitalism." 
MeWe is quite neutral about the posting of different speeches, however, there are special rules that limit non-normative content. Weinstein said: "we're not going to censor you because you're talking about a political view we do or don't agree with."
Today, the company is launching a new premium level of service, as well as a new product that will be focused specifically on business to take on the challenge of a number of corporate networks such as Slack.
In addition, there will be a special direction for business that will improve the joint work of enterprises. The enterprise tool already includes several thousand users and offers them the ability to use encrypted chat, integration with Windows 360 and features for tags, polls, customizable camera and voice and video conferencing built into its suite of services. 
The new premium level will cost customers US$4.99 per month, while professional service prices will vary between US$3.99 and US$7.99 depending on the approach level.