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Felicia Tan
December 20 11:06

European Court recognized Airbnb as an online platform and exempted it from the real estate agent law

The lawsuit was not yet over when Paris hoteliers opposed the service in November this year. In response to the agreement between Aibnb and International Olympic Committee, they threatened to stop preparations for the Olympics  
Their outrage was caused by the fact that the agreement was "completely disrespectful to hotel professionals" and the service itself avoided paying taxes on accommodation by hiding clear addresses of rented apartments and taxpayer details.
The Financial Times reported that European Court of Justice has recognized Airbnb as an online platform. This means that the service does not have to meet the stringent requirements of the law on the activities of real estate agents. 
In addition, the service does not need to obtain a license of a real estate agent and must not comply with the accounting and financial obligations that real estate agents fulfill.
European Court stated that European countries should not prohibit the service on their territory, unless such measures are necessary to combat crime and protect users.