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Ilya St
December 19 15:18

Apple, Google, Amazon and Zigbee Alliance agreed to develop a single standard for smart home devices

The world's largest companies Apple, Google, Amazon and Zigbee Alliance, which is a union of Comcast, IKEA, Samsung and a number of others, have jointly announced the beginning of a collaborative working group to develop a common standard of devices for the smart home  
The project was named Connected Home over IP. It will be created to facilitate the activities of manufacturers of special devices for the smart homes, as well as to increase the compatibility of developing products between each other, mobile applications, cloud services and voice assistants, such as Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Google Assistant and others.
"The project is based on a shared belief that smart home devices should be safe, reliable and compatible with each other," companies say.
The working group will start with the creation of a single standard for such devices and a special communication protocol, which will be the same for each one. The members of the project invite all developers of technologies for smart home to participate in the project and become part of it. 
CNBC clarifies that the working group plans at the beginning to focus on smart home security devices such as smoke detectors, sockets and smart locks. The first jointly developed technologies should be introduced in 2020 but when some of them become available on the market is not yet specified.
 Yandex told about its own attitude to the new project, specifying that they support the concept and are studying it carefully at the moment.