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Ilya St
December 19 11:43

Depositphotos spoke about visual trends in 2020

Photostock Depositphotos in collaboration with a number of international creative agencies has published a forecast for the development of photography, graphics and web design and spoke about the main trends that await us in 2020 in this field 
The project experts were major creative agencies such as B-Reel, Pixit, Mediamonks, Bbdo Warsaw, Perq Studio, Madcats, Aimbulance and Super An Der Spree.
As the main trends, the company identified the rapid development of new technological solutions, improvement of artificial intelligence systems, emphasis on individual details in photography, increasing the number of vertical content, the predominance of abstract flowing forms and the popularity of Bauhaus' styles and brutalism - all of this will wait us in 2020. 
The main visualization target for the coming year will be XR - the augmented reality. Depositphotos associates this with the rapid growth of popularity of the recently released by Facebook VR-game Horizon, as well as with the upd ate of VR-headse t Oculus Quest. Special attention will be paid to vertical content, which will become more and more popular. 
"Visual content must be adapted, especially for web and mobile interfaces. There is a growing demand for vertical photos, as well as images and videos that can be adapted for VR and AR," commented Tatiana Boksha, Depositphotos content curator.
Experts also noted the most popular styles that will prevail among designers in the new year. They included cyberpunk, minimalism and Bauhaus style.
"In my opinion, flat or semi-flat design, minimalism and user experience based on impeccable motion design will continue to gain popularity. They will definitely have more interactivity, complexity of transitions and 3d elements," said Martin Holoubek, CEO of Pichit.
2020 will be a year of brutalism and trends in material distortion, also using "cheap design" will be quite popular. Close-ups will be the most popular among photographers and their color palette will become more muted.