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Felicia Tan
December 18 14:44

New iPhone 12 secrets revealed

Apple will again shock with their expensive new products. Popular models of computers produced by the company are already available on the market at high prices, the new Mac Pro, which costs up to US$52,999 and a 16-inch MacBook Pro for US$2799. The next step for Apple is to increase the prices for the legendary smartphones 
iPhone 12 will continue the trend of producing more and more expensive phones. However, Tim Cook together with his team have worked hard to fill the smartphone to justify its price.
The new iPhone will be filled with a number of improvements that will increase the cost of its production and retail price. Firstly, the new smartphone will be the first device that can support 5G based on iOS. Although 5G networks appeared on the market in 2019, this innovation is extremely relevant for the company, because it lags behind the new technological trends in this area. 
Secondly, iPhone 12 will be equipped with an OLED screen with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, which will also allow the new device to keep pace with its competitors. A number of improvements are waiting for the smartphone camera: it will consist of several lenses and will be equipped with flight sensors, which will improve the quality of the received images. 
To accommodate all the updates in a single device Apple will have to raise the price for it, however, according to the latest data of a well-known analyst of the company Ming-Chi Kuo, the price of a smartphone will increase by only $ 50. At the same time, the cost of building an iPhone 12 will grow by $100. The company plans to curb the price growth by reducing costs in the supply chain and saving on scale. 
The initial price of iPhone 12 will exceed $700. In order to distract buyers' attention from the increasing cost of the new device, Apple will release another more affordable model - IPhone 9 (nèe iPhone SE 2), which should help to raise the company's sales.