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Felicia Tan
December 18 11:27

The chairman of Samsung Electronics receives 18 months for violation of labor laws.

Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Sang-hoon will be imprisoned for collusion with other members of the company. The subject of the collusion was to combine the efforts of its members to suppress unions. In this way, he violated South Korean labor laws. This fact was established by a long investigation that lasted since 2013  
It all started with the leak of some of the documents belonging to the company. They contained information about methods of combating the trade union activities of Samsung employees. As a result, a number of cases related to this document were identified. Dozens of officials were charged and sentenced to prison terms. 
Then the case of the chairman of the company ceased. Last year, a number of additional evidence of his guilt was obtained, which became apparent as a result of another investigation. On the basis of the data received, the case was resumed and today Lee received its verdict, which can still be appealed. The Wall Street Journal published the news earlier than anyone else.
A week ago, President Samsung Electronics took part in TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. When the managing editor Matt Burns asked him about what was going on, Lee denied the defendants' involvement in his company and noted that he was not personally involved with them. He also noted that they were all "accused, they're not proven guilty". 
But Sohn admitted that "it's really important for any corporation, any size, whether it's small or large, that you need to have a clear value system and clear ethics, and continue to train your management to make sure that there is a consistency in terms of how they do things”.
However, the value system he is talking about is increasingly moving against trade unions to such an extent that it is contrary to Korean law.
All of the verdicts that have been presented indicate a rapid conclusion to the proceedings in this case, however, all of this is significantly damaging to Samsung's reputation.