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Felicia Tan
December 15 10:55

Info on 29,000 Facebook empoyees was hijacked

Hard drives were stolen from Facebook accountant's car containing financial information about 29 thousand company employees  
On 17 November 2019, a Facebook employee's car was hacked into. Bloomberg, citing internal sources of the company, reported that several hard drives containing information that belongs to Facebook had been stolen. 
The stolen media contained only information about the finances of the company's employees, the users' data were not included in them. However, leakage of information about salaries, bonuses and names of employees, as well as their bank card numbers and social insurance is also a problem. 
Since November 29, the incident has been investigated with the active cooperation of the police. The theft resulted in an estimated 29,000 employees who were working in Facebook offices in the United States during 2018. The company only reported the case to its employees on December 13.
Facebook has taken disciplinary action against the robbed employee and is actively engaged in recovering lost information. The company offered to notify the banks of the incident and sign up for two years protection against identity theft.
At the moment, there is no recorded publication or use of stolen data, said the company representatives. The most realistic version is that it was an ordinary theft without the purpose of obtaining data about employees.