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John Wang
December 14 11:49

Porsche creates its own Star Wars starfighter

A 911 for space warfare
Porsche created its own starfighter in collaboration with Lucasfilm. The model will be unveiled at the Rise of Skywalker premiere in LA. 
The ship’s name is Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus. Unfortunately, there is no full-scable flyable model, at least not yet. However it is being constructed sub-scale model with all the necessary details. This starfighter will not be featured in the picture itself, and serves only the promotional purposes. 
That did not prevent the engineers from going all in and combining the Porsche sensibilities based on renowned 911 and Lucasfilm expertise, such as a slot for astromech and a classic industrial Star Wars aesthetic. The price of the model - be it in dollars or credits - remains undisclosed.